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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mail Call!

Mail Call!
A few months ago I started getting into requesting samples from companies. I noticed a lot of people on a Facebook Page constantly posting their "mail calls" on the page's wall about all of the free items they received that day in their mailbox. Yes, you really can get great things in the mail just from filling out a simple form on a company's website!
This picture is the mail that I had just from today! A bunch of different shampoo and conditioner samples, a pack of 5 towelettes, a cute pink beauty bag from Target, a cough medicine sample, and a bottle of 5-Hour energy! Usually these companies will only give out the samples for a limited amount of time or until their samples run out, but some companies will let you request a sample just about anytime. I've requested and received tons of different samples since December, including lots of haircare products, and even free cans of cat food and dog food, free Mac and cheese boxes, a free bottle of Activate flavored water, and a full pasta meal for 4 from Wise Food Company! In this economy every little bit helps!
To get you guys started on your quest for free things, here's a form for a "sample" meal from Wise Foods. Note, they will email you to confirm that you want the sample and they will also most likely give you a call, so be sure to provide accurate information or you may not receive your sample.
Most importantly when it comes to samples, BE PATIENT. Some will arrive within a week or two, while others may take up to several months to arrive. But if you're always requesting new samples you're bound to have a constant flow arriving in the mail in no time.


  1. I have been following you since your site went up, great article! I am definitely going I have to try this! What university are you attending?

    1. Thanks so much Jeanelle! I started to really look into these things back around November or December and it's been really helpful for me!
      I'm going to be attending Fresno Pacific University in the Fall. They have an amazing campus, I just stayed the night there last night actually! haha
      What university are you attending?

    2. I go to Colorado state university, it's gorgeous!