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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Product Testing Websites

We all love trying out new products, and what could be better than getting to try out new products for free? Over the past 3 plus months, I've been joining a number of product testing websites and other various websites. However, because I am only posting about websites/tips that I can personally vouch for and have had the opportunity to try, I can only tell you one website I have actually been chosen to test a product for. Swaggable! I joined this site on February 29, merely 3 days ago! What's so great about it is the fact that this is the only site I've ever been picked to test a product for, but at the same time it is the most recent site I've joined. I get to try out Chai Now, an alternative to regular tea and coffee. When I get it in the mail I'll let you know how it is!
They have a HUGE variety of different things you could be selected to try, and several other people I've talked to also quickly received an invitation to try out a product after joining. So I definitely recommend signing up, all they ask is that you write a review about what you thought of their product.
Unfortunately, a lot of sites can take up to a year before they choose you to test out a product, it all has to do with demographics. I'll post on the other product testing websites as I get picked to try out more products!


  1. Just signed up for both Swaggable and Shespeaks! Can't wait to see what I get to test!

  2. I hope they pick you for some great products! Let me know when you get something (: