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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Summer Vacation!

The end of my freshman year at Fresno Pacific University is finally here! It's crazy how quickly the last 8 months have passed me by though! This has definitely been the quickest year I've ever had; I guess the adults weren't lying when they always said that time goes by quickly. haha. And the second semester went by even quicker than the first one. I'm almost wishing it were still freshman year, there was so much I wanted to accomplish, even things that I probably won't have the chance to do now that the school year has ended. But that's another story, and I don't really feel like turning this into a diary entry. :)

Since I generally try to keep my posts with money-saving tips and other freebies/ ways to earn cash, here's what I have to say about summer vacation: No tuition payments or room and board! How's that for some extra cash in the pocket ;) (assuming you're not taking any summer courses and your parents are as awesome as mine and let you move right back home).

Oh, and if you can get a job over the summer, even better! I'm excited to say that I just got hired yesterday to work at Costless food company. Most likely I'll start off as a bagger, but with over a year of cashiering experience at Kmart, hopefully I'll soon be able to advance to a cashier there too.

Have a great summer!

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